The problem

These days most of the foods we eat are what’s causing to have insulin resistance, a malfunction of leptin signaling, caused by chronically elevated insulin and leptin levels, metabolic syndrome and type 2 diabetes. Americans for the most part, are burning glucose (sugar/carbs) as their primary fuel. This is not what our bodies are ment to do. That elevates blood sugar, promotes insulin resistance and inhibits your body’s ability to access and burn body fat. Please understand, that this is the connection between obesity and diabetes, according to Dr. Joseph Mercola. Just being fat or obese is the cause, it’s your bodies malfunction of leptin signaling, caused by chronically elevated insulin and leptin levels cauing insulin resistance due to eating the wrong diet. Healthy fat is what our bodies should use for fuel naturally, not carbs or sugar. Healthy fat burns way more efficiently than carbs or sugar. Most Americans consume harmful fats, like industrially processed vegetable oils. Those kinds of oils will inevitably cause health problems. You have to understand the burn point of the oils and the hydrogenation of oils. The burn point of those oils is to low to cook with. They become hydrogenated when food is cooked with them. Hydrogenated vegetable oils are very unhealthy for you! They’re bad for your heart, cholesterol and a whole slue other medical problems. So how can we get our bodies to start burning fat instead of glucose?

The solution

Well the good news is, we can train, or re-train our bodies to do what nature intended. Insulin resistance, metabolic syndrome and type 2 diabetes can all be resolved through proper nutrition and exercise. The first and most important dietary recommendation, limit net carbs and protein. For those who do not know what that means, net carbs is the total carbohydrates you ate, minus the fiber you ate. It’s not rocket science. Second, start replacing carbs with higher amounts of high quality healthy fats. Obviously I’m not talking about over processed vegetable oils most Americans usually eat. When I’m talking about eating more fat, I mean natural, unprocessed fats found in real food like seeds, nuts, butter, olives, avocado, coconut oil, etc. Another great source of good fat is raw cacao, which is also has a lot of beneficial polyphenols too. I actually keep a bag of cacao nuts in my frig. One of the most efficient ways to teach your body to use fat for fuel – is just to remove sugars and starches from your diet. Simple right? No. Well, the reason low-net carb diets work so well for diabetics is, it helps you shift out of this non-fiber carb-based metabolism that depends on elevated insulin levels to drive blood sugar into cells and use it for fuel. Get it? Stopping the sugar your body is used to using for fuel and it has to start using something else. That something else is FAT! The natural fuel it should be using, if we hadn’t messed it up with the horrible, unhealthy foods we’ve eaten. You need to keep track of your net carbs and only eat about 30 grams a day.

The long run

You won’t need to keep this diet up forever. Only for as long as it takes your body to remember how to burn fat as your primary fuel. It might take a few weeks or even a few months. Depending on how long it’s been out of it’s natural state and/or how bad a state your metabolism is in. Some of us got off to a bad start from infancy. We were fed formulas that, you guessed it, were based on carbs. Anyway, once your body shifts back to burning fat as it’s primary fuel, you can increase your healthy net carbs. Base it on how much activity you do. If you are not very active, keep the carbs low. But be careful at first, even if you’re active. You might be surprised how quickly sandwich bread, pasta, soda, cookies, cakes, etc., can add up. Sometimes to over 350 grams per day. Remember, his high carb level increases your resistance to insulin and malfunction of leptin. Which is what increases your risk of diabetes and other health problems. You could be putting yourself right back where your came from, completely defeating the purpose. My suggestion, if you can get your body to start burning fat as fuel, slowly increase carbs to see how your body handles it. A little increase should be OK and occasional splurges are alright too. But never go back to eating large amount of carbs on a regular basis. Stick to a healthy, low carb, unprocessed, nutrient dense, natural foods diet. The nutritarian diet is based on eating foods that give you the most nutritional value. Foods that have low or almost no nutritional value, don’t get added to my diet. I simply don’t eat them. I still eat a variety of fruits and vegetables. I eat chicken, fish, eggs and sometimes beef or pork. I stay away form eating grains, except a little bit.

The diet

OK what do you eat? All the raw, non starchy vegetables you want. Especially the darker colored ones. The darker the color the more nutrient dense it is. Isn’t it nice that food is naturally color coded for you. The dark reds are high in antioxidants. The dark greens have higher levels of your minerals and vitamins C, Bs and so forth. I’m not going to go into all of that right now, because the point I’m wanting to make is that the darker the color the vegetable the better it is for you. Steamed veggies are OK too with a little good healthy fat. That means natural unsalted butter, and cold pressed – coconut and olive oil. But don’t cook them to death! If you do you are defeating the whole purpose again. You want your body to process the foods with all the fibers and nutrients nature put in them. Fruits are alright in moderation. Just don’t go crazy and get a lot of fruit because you want something sweet. Beans or legumes are good too. They are nutrient dense for the amount of carbs you get with them, plus they contain soluble and insoluble fiber. You can eat all the seeds and nuts you want as long as they are natural, unsalted, and not dark roasted, salted or covered in candy. Add in lean meats not a bunch of fatty red meat for your protein. Some red meat is fine but stay with more lean options. As long as you don’t have an actual metabolic disorder, you should begin to lose weight fairly quickly. But give your body some time to adjust, because your forcing it to change. Even though you will feel better later on, you might not at first. Remember I mentioned natural, unprocessed fats found in real food like seeds, nuts, butter, olives, avocado, coconut oil and raw cacao. No grains, no sugar. I had a whole avocado with some carrots the other day as my lunch. I just sliced it up and ate it (it was a little avocado). I eat carrots if I want something crunchy. See, it’s really not difficult. Believe it or not, your taste buds will begin to change while your body changes. And, you will begin to feel better, a lot better. In fact it might surprise you to find out how much better you’ll feel. So start taking the sugar, salt, processed foods and chemicals out of your diet. Eat whole, natural, nutrient dense foods. Keep the carbs low, moderate protein and natural good fats in every meal. It’s really easy to add walnuts, almonds chi seeds, etc to whatever you’re eating. Chia seeds are a great source of omega fatty acids. You can grind them up and use them as a thickener and not use starch, which is pure carbs. A handy way to get them into your diet if you like sauces. Drink enough water to help your body flush out the toxins you’re carrying around and adjust to the changes. Don’t drink tap water if you can help it. Tap water is know for carrying all kinds of toxins and contaminants.

To your Health!


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  1. Hi Becka, I love the article and learnt a lot from reading this, The best way to be healthy and to burn those excess calories is to cook at home. there is always the temptation to eat in fast food joints and this is the most convenient way people do it and not knowingly what’s in those foods, by cooking at home, you can make you own healthy recipes foods without the need of eating out. I have to add that drinking alcohol is the worst of it,s high-calorie content and carbs. If you have to go out, drink water in between drinks but keep alcohol to a minimum. I always maintain a balanced diet and I still have a good night out on what I do. like you said. you just have to change eating habits and I still enjoy healthy foods and burn fat. I do that and I know you can do the same.

    I just want to put this out there.


  2. Great article! We are really addicted to carbs. I know that I am. There’s nothing I love better than a warm slice of hearty bread. It just is so bad for you though! I never used to have a problem with weight but I’ve noticed that whenever I decide to indulge in a lot of carbs on a particular week that I really am starting to gain weight. I’m hoping when I start a diet like this my desire for bread dissolves…it’s such a difficult thing to resist when offered!

    • It will in time, I promise. You taste buds will begin to change and you’ll fine you’re liking different foods. Especially concerning the lower salt intake. Foods will have a lot more flavor and you’ll begin to taste the differences in your food better.

  3. Well reading the above I sure feel more motivated now. I have had a desk job most of my life. I work long hours and get home exhausted and as a result any fat burning exercises just do not happen. Eat more healthy is what I need to do. My family have all cut out any starch and grains from their diets and have lost a lot of weight. It is to drastic for me I will rather just cut back on these. I remember when the advice was to eat lots of whole grains to fight cancer but now more people are advising to cut out grains out. Can be confusing…

    • I understand how it can be confusing. But think about when this country didn’t have these diseases. You would have to go back an awfully long way. To before the industrial revolution. How did we eat then? More home gardens and fresh farm goods. Bread wasn’t the staple it is now. People didn’t eat as much sugar either, sweets were considered a treat. These days Sugar and grains are predominant in our food. It’s not natural or healthy.


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