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Hi again, it’s me Becka talking about Recipes for Summer. Recipes for everything from Blueberry Infused Watermelons, cold pasta salads and lime and coconut water teas. In the heat of the Summer, everyone wants something cool and interesting to eat and drink. Sometimes the the usual fair will suffice but let’s be honest, it can get boring real fast. Not just regular meals but a pick-nic in the backyard or in the park can use some spicing up too. How many times can you do cold fried chicken and potato salad? So you added a jelled salad with some fruit in it. Don’t get me wrong, I like those things too, in moderation. Actually I’d skip the fried chicken and potato salad all together these days. But that’s a personal choice. In days past I ate my share of them. That’s not the point here anyway. I’m talking about freshing up the menu with some new ideas that will have everybody perked up. Infusing fun into the meal keeps the heat from spoiling the day.

A Cool Breakfast

A Breakfast to start the day off right, can be fun. Especially on the weekends. Why not have some frozen berries and Greek yogurt, with a little bit of organic granola tossed on top. Cold and refreshing, with some crunch to it. Not to mention a wholesome breakfast.

A Refreshing Lunch

Next you have Lunch to consider, think cool, nutritious, and different. Personally, I usually have a salad (or sandwich) with Romain Fresh_Vegetableslettuce to start with. What I add to that depends on my mood. But if I’m trying to break out of my runtiness, I start looking to make something that’s anything but salad like. I search through my fridge and freezer  to see what strikes me. some frozen beets and some tri-colored carrots. Thaw them out in cold water and toss a little lime juice with yogurt and a few blueberries and walnuts over them. OK it might seem a little salad like to some.

2_ApplesSimple Snacks?

As for snacks, I have a tendency to eat a lot of apples. So I try to break it up with other fruits and vegetables. Have you ever tried using a large turnip green leaf to make a roll up? You might try this recipe: Shred a couple carrots, a cucumber, and some mild cheese. Mix them all together in a bowl and all a little yogurt (just enough to bind them together). Add salt to taste. Then spread the mixture out on washed turnip leaves and roll them up. Use tooth picks to secure each leaf and place on a plate. once you have all your mixture used up, cover your roll-ups with plastic store in the refrigerator for half hour or until ready to be eaten. One of these can make a really nice snack. I can think of kids coming home from a game enjoying them.

Keeping Dinner Light

As for dinner, it doesn’t need to be a heavy meal. help replenish the water loss of the day and boost everyone’s spirits by making a nice thb_120927a5859light meal. Include a really good beverage and make it something they’ll want to drink up. Get out the blender and make use of those frozen fruits and the ice cubes. Lime and lemon juices add a lot to the party too. Flavor it up naturally, to make it something good for the body! Then set out a basket of fruit to have with whatever else your fresh-vegetables-electric-food-steamer-23057017going to serve. Have a salad that’s not typical, but full of fresh vegetables and full of flavor. The variety alone can spice up the salad and leave the need for a dressing pretty low. If you still need something heavy in the meal choose to make it as nutritional and low calorie as you can.  You don’t need to be digesting a lot of heavy foods in the heat of summer. Quite honestly, it’s just not healthy for you. So, think of those cold dishes, like tuna salad stuffed Bell peppers. Or perhaps a cold chicken, mushroom and tomato soup. There’s always a new and refreshing way to make a meal that will satisfy and refresh from the day if you just give it a little thought and some time to prepare.

So please, let me hear your thoughts and some recipes, for these hot days ahead.



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