s581188455693450906_p1_i3_w1213I love to make life easier, for myself and others. That’s what the Fusion Chef Ltd 3-Quart Personal Chef Stir Pot does! Exactly that, makes life a lot easier. For myself, honestly because with my disability sometimes I need for things to be easier. For others, well lets face it we all need time savers. I know my best friend sure does. She’s working, going to school full time and still raising her youngest. You know she needs a break. There are a lot of people like that, who barely have time to think much less have time to stand over a stove. So I highly recommendation the Fusion Chef Ltd 3-Quart Personal Chef Stir Pot for all you busy people out there that still want to cook a nice meal. Personal Chef is product I’ve loved for a long time, that just seems to just keep getting better over the years. I decided to show you a comparison of the old and the new. Just to prove the point. The older model was a big help, don’t get me wrong. Love, love, loved it. made life a lot easier and saved a lot of people from having to stand over the stove when they either had better things to do or couldn’t stand for very long, like me. I loved the Personal Chef by Fusion when it first came out a few years ago. Their nice little red stir pot that made life a lot, easier was wonderful!

fusionchef_product-mainPersonal Chef Ltd 3 Quart

Today their all grown up with the Fusion Chef Ltd 3-Quart Personal Chef Stir Pot. It holds up to 10 cups of stew or 3 quarts of rice. However you want to look at it, it hold a lot of food. They’re made in the USA and have a non-stick finish inside. That means easy clean up, which means less work for you. It’s temperature control adjustable thermostat range is 150 F to 375 F degrees. So you can cook a lot of different dishes with it. from rice to fondue, calamaris to ratatouille. The stirring control is adjustable for continuous and intermittent with on-off-auto. You know, the set it and forget it kind of thing. It’s an electric cooker that doesn’t take a lot of energy to use and it looks good with it’s silver finish. A nice round pot you can feel good serving from right on your table. These days this Personal Chef also comes with a some items Included and they’re all non-stick and dishwasher safe. It’s portable too, so you can take it to the potluck, family get together or picnic. Then use the warming setting when you get there, if you need to warm it up. Can it get any better? I’m waiting to find out if they make it go in the other direction now. You know, freeze things as well as cook them. Can they do that? Fusion just might figure it out. These guys are pretty smart. I know they are darn good at making a product that makes life easier for us.

In conclusion, I highly recommend taking a serious look at this as something you need in your kitchen. It also makes a marvelous gift for any of your busy friends.

1: it’s a time saver

2: it makes cooking easy

3: clean up is a breeze

4: it’s made to last

5: it looks good on the counter or the table

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