Pandora’s Box Of Cooking – Inception

logo-pandora5Pandora’s Box Of Cooking

In Greek mythology, Zeusordered Hephaestus to create Pandora from mud and to give her dazzling beauty. Each of the gods contributed a little of themselves to her personality. Zeus wanted these contributions to be gifted but mischievous. Athena taught her sewing and weaving, Aphrodite gave her patience, and taught her the art  of seduction, and Hermes put in her a wicked nature and inconsistent character. Zues named her Pandora which means “all gifts” in Greek. Once she was complete, he sent her to live among those living together in harmony on earth. He did this to take vengeance on then for their acquaintance with fire, by Titan Prometheus. Before sending her to earth, Zues gave Pandora a box full of illness, plagues and misfortunes and forbade her to ever open it. According to mythology Pandora, being a real woman, could not resist her curiosity. She opened the box and all these sorrows flew out and inundated the world. Frightened, she struggled and managed to shut the lid. Hope did not make it out at first, when Pandora closed the box as quickly as she could. Hope and dreams came out later.

The story of Pandora gives us a platform for all the ups and downs, the good, the creative, the crazy and the ugly of working in the kitchen. Once you start (or open the box) confusion, messes, disasters, explorations, discoveries, masterpieces, accidental masterpieces, and Pandoras Box Of Cooking LOGO 1senses of accomplishment may follow. In other words, you don’t really know what might happen in the kitchen. Even the most prepared cooks can get interesting surprises. You go in innocently planning on making a meal. Sometimes it all works out just fine. Sometimes their a missing ingredient, and the stores are out of it too, or their closed. Worse, you’ve already started making that recipe, for say a pie, and a vital ingredient is nowhere to be found and everyone is expecting this pie. These are the times when creativity and imagination take over. Go ahead, be mischievous and think outside the box, or from the box. And by all means, do not listen to whoever walks in and ask you if your crazy for trying whatever you’ve come up with. Try it! As long as you have your basic chemistry knowledge down, or cooking knowledge, your fine. you know what will be able to be made into a substitute for the missing ingredient. Because you know the basics if what that ingredient are supposed to do. Let your curiosity lead you to some fabulous new dishes. I’ve done it and changed some recipes for good because of it. Share those stories and the recipes that were created, here in Pandora’s Box Of Cooking.