Best To Eat In Season

As I said in the summer we all want to eat enough healthy fruits and vegetables all year round. And the best time to eat them, is when they’re in season. When each fruit and vegetable is at their nutritional peek. I eat organic, non GMO as well as trying to eat by the seasons to get the best nutrition I can from my food.  There’ll alway be a variety of fruits and vegetables every season. Some even cross over a couple seasons. This should be around the mid-September through mid-December.

In season during Fall: Arugula, Broccoli, Brussels Sprouts,  Cauliflower, Chiles, Coconut, Collards, Cranberries, Fennel, Grapes, Kale, Lemongrass, Limes, Pears, Persimmons, Pomegranates, Pumpkin, Shallots, Swiss Chard, Winter Squash.

Out Of Season & Imported Foods

It’s not always easy to eat everything in season, mostly due to the plethora of available fruits and vegetables available out of season. They’re imported from other countries and regons, not to mention greenhouses. I’ve noticed differences when washing some fruits, apples for example that may have a gray wax film on them. However once cleaned, they are just as good. I always clean my produce anyway. My biggest concern with the imported produce has to do with how I can know if they are honestly grown organic by the standards I’m used to. We have checks and balances here in the USA. Laws that say what is and what is not organic. These laws do not apply to imported produce.

On-Line Shopping

I shop on-line for food as well as locally and I am very choosy about what I buy. The company I shop with is Azure. There are others out there but I’ve found Azure to be the best for price and quality. I get fresh and frozen foods from them. Some of the things they carry I can find locally but I’m also a comparison  shopper. Azure is almost always less even with the shipping costs, which have never been high on any of my orders. The point is, you can buy quality organic food, no mater what your circumstances are.

I hope this is helpful in choosing your vegetables and fruits this season.


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