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Crock Pot Split Pea Soup with Ham


1 lb. bag of green split peas (washed)

1 lb. cubed smoked ham (if ham is not smoked include one or two smoked ham hocks to soup)

1 tsp. thyme

1 bay leaf

2 tsp. pepper (add to taste – should be a bit peppery)

1/2 tsp. salt (add to taste)

1 med. white onion in 1/2″ dice

2 stalks celery in 1/2″ slices

1 cup carrots peeled and cut into 1/2″ pieces or a small bag of ‘baby’ carrots

8 cups hot water

To cook:

Add all ingredients to crock pot. Omit ham for vegetarian soup. If ham is omitted, add two capfuls of Wright’s liquid hickory smoke.  Stir to combine. Put crock pot on low and cook for 10-12 hours. Stir vigorously for 2-3 minutes. Remove ham hocks if used and discard. Remove bay leaf and discard. Soup will be somewhat watery after cooking. Soup will smell good at this point, but it is not ready to be eaten (will be watery and of a poor consistency). Allow to cool on counter. Place in refrigerator overnight. Skim gelatin off of the surface of cold soup and discard.

To eat:

Stir soup (cold). Will be very stiff. Do NOT add water until after heating. Do NOT use crock pot to reheat. Portion into bowls and heat in microwave. Add a small amount of water if needed to thin (soup should be a thick porridge consistency). Add additional pepper to taste.

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