A little something I whipped up that I like pretty good and makes the cranberry a lot more “berrible” for those who don’t usually like them.


1 cup Cranberries
1/4 cup Blackberries
1/4 cups Blueberries
2 Tbs. Raw Honey
1/4 cup distilled or filtered water
1/4 cup Chia Seeds, ground


To grind chia seeds, use a coffee mill or possibly a nutrition extraction device. It would take forever to get that much seed ground using a mortise and pedestal. Blenders and food processors will not work for this. (I have a coffee mill especially for grinding seeds and another one for coffee and cocoa.) Once it’s ground to a fine powder, set aside.

In a medium sauce pan combine all ingredients, except the chia seed powder. Heat just to the boiling point, stir and take the pan off the heat. Let cool to lukewarm. Take about half the berry mixture and puree it in a blender, or other device. Pour all the berry mixture together in a medium size bowl.

Using a whisk, slowly add the ground chia seeds, string them in completely as you do. The whisk will cut down on having any lumps of chia powder and also cuts up the the berries a bit too.

Cover with plastic wrap, laying it directly on top of your salad and place in refrigerator. Let set overnight.

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    • It’s great, especially now during hot weather. You can make it up and set it in the frig for a nice cold refreshing salad.


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