About Me

Becka Here


I’ve always compared cooking to chemistry. Some people might think I’m a little crazy for saying that, but let me explain before you agree with them too quickly. If you’ve ever had a chemistry class in school, you might understand. Because in chemistry, if you don’t put the right ingredients together (not to mention: in the right order, at the right time, or at the right temperature) things can go terribly wrong. It might blow up, fizzle out, spew out all over the place, turn a gawd awful color, etc. Well in cooking the same thing is pretty much true. If you don’t put the right ingredients together, etc. things will go wrong. Although they don’t generally blow up, but you’ll probably come up with something un-presentable and inedible. I know I’ve always been a geek and an artist, even in the kitchen. Ask anybody that truly knows me. So, I have a tendency to see things a little differently. But now you know why I say cooking is like chemistry. See I’m not crazy at all, just different.

Personally my diet is Nutritarian. That doesn’t mean I can’t talk about things other than that. I wasn’t always Nutritarian and have recipes I created from before then. I just make things differently for myself now. Nutritarian is eating more nutritious, not just a healthier diet. It’s all about choosing foods based on their nutritional value. The aim is to get more bang for your buck (so to speak) with your food. You don’t bother eating low nutrient foods. That would be compared to wasting money, but in food. The higher nutrient value of the foods you eat the better for your health. For example I don’t eat iceberg lettuce, basically no nutrient value at all. I call that kind of food, junk food because it’s not worth eating. Just like other junk food. There are lots of full flavored foods full of nutrition to make great recipes out of.

So I set up this site, because I know so many people like me, who have their own thoughts on cooking and like to share and talk with others about what they create. I know how fun that can be. Plus, posting our recipes gives others the chance to try them. And if I come across some nifty gadget I’ll tell you about it. That’s still about sharing what’s good in the kitchen as far as I’m concerned.